EXCLUSIVE: Kandi Talks Small Packages, Househusbands, Plus Introduces Next Single

R&B singer Kandi Burruss has been single since splitting from her late fiancé A.J. Jewell, who passed after suffering a severe head injury during a fight at an Atlanta strip club. Turning her focus to her striving career, Kandi talks to Singersroom in our second installment of “Kandi’s Room” about relationships and how she deals, plus introduces her next single.

“I stay busy, I’m not the kind of person that dwells on sadness,” Kandi tells Singersroom. “Life is too short for that.”

We wanted to know what Kandi looks for in a man so we toyed a bit, starting with small packages.

“The small package and a wonderful personality just wouldn’t work,” Kandi says. “I feel like there are three important things that you need to make a relationship work…great communication, great sex…and then you have to have financial stability. So for me, you don’t have to be rich but you gotta have something going on…you don’t have to have a huge one but you gotta be working with something to make the bedroom hot and the communication just gotta be on point.”

Kandi also says she likes when a man takes control of the relationship.

“I do not want a househusband. I think it’s that southern girl mentality,” she says. “I was just brought up with…the man is supposed to be…the provider. I’m not expecting every guy to necessarily be in the same tax bracket…but I still want him to be at least doing well for himself.” Jokingly adding, “Don’t be looking at me when the bill come when we’re going out to eat.”

Kandi not only deal with her relationship matters personally, she also exudes them in her music. Her next single “Me and U,” demonstrates her love and riding for that special person.

Watch the below video for Kandi’s take on relationships.


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