EXCLUSIVE: Kandi Says The 90’s Was A Better Time, Talks Being Relevant

Kandi Burruss is one of the few artist out of the plethora of 90’s R&B groups, to continue fame as a solo singer and businesswoman. With a new album dropping December 14th, a staple reality TV show with The Real Housewives of Atlanta and a prominent songwriter for many acts, Kandi talks to Singersroom in our special “Kandi’s Room,” about the 90’s and staying relevant. “It was a better time in music,” Kandi tells Singersroom. “I feel like the 90’s was the time when the labels really got behind their artists, they push their artists, they worked them and really worked that album. Now-a-days it’s all about the first week sales, if you don’t do what your supposed to do the first week then their on to the next and I think that’s lame because a lot of great music is lost that way.” During the period of Kandi’s former group Xscape’s success, several other groups were also prominent. Running into a lot of those folks today, Kandi says she tries to lend a hand wherever she can even though she know it’s hard. “I do run into a lot of the people that I’ve been cool with since way back in the early 90’s,” she states. “Our group came out in 93. It’s been people that I know that sold way more records that we did…now it’s like where are they now.” “Some people can handle it and they change up, move on and do different things…some people, they’re not in the business anymore, they don’t even know how to get back in the business, it’s like they be trying to figure things out; they be on the verge of suicide…” As one of the few to get back in the business, Kandi says “I really feel like it’s just been God for me because I prey about all these things that I want to do and some kind of way things just be falling into my lap and I just make the best of my opportunities when they come. Adding, “I just know you gotta make it happen when you can.” Watch the entire interview in part 1 of Kandi’s Room below:


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