Brandy Plots New Deal/Album, Talks No Luck in Finding A Man

R&B singer Brandy has been working relentless to regain the fame she once enjoyed. Even though she was voted off Dancing With The Stars, it gave American a chance to get to know her again, much like her past hit TV show Moesha. With season two of her reality show “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business” back on the air, the “I Wanna Be Down” singer is looking forward to releasing her next album as well as finding new love. Brandy, who started working on the LP on the first season of Family Business, says she will go back to her R&B roots for the new project. “I’m about to sign my record deal, but I can’t say with who until it’s finalized. You’ll know pretty soon. And the songs I’ve been working on have been amazing,” Brandy tells “I just want to get back to my roots with this album. My last album was more pop and it didn’t really have the R&B core that I wanted it to have. Of course you want it to crossover and be played in all formats, but this album will be definitely rooted in R&B. I can’t wait. I have so much to sing about and so much to share.” Brandy may be making great music but her love life has been just another sad love song. “I’m not dating anyone at the moment and that sucks actually because I love being in a relationship,” she tells Vibe. “It’s so much fun and it does something to me as a woman when I’m in love and expressing my feelings for another person.” Taking some of the blame, she says “It was definitely hard to balance my career and personal life when I was in a relationship before. But I know it can be done, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’ll be working towards making it work in my next relationship.” So what quality is Brandy looking for in her dream guy? “He has to be smart, he has to be able to stimulate me mentally— that’s important,” she says. “I love to laugh, so he’s got to be able to make me laugh, and I like to have fun and I’m very spontaneous. I love being a big kid and affection and love is so important to me. He has to have a love for his family and children all of the great things that all women want in a man. And I’d like my next guy to have a little edge to him— he can’t be corny [laughs.] Also he has to be somebody who loves music. And I’d love to find somebody I can teach, who can teach me, so we can learn from each other—basically somebody who can make me a better person.” Read the full interview on


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