Keri Hilson: ‘I’m Willing To Be On That Chopping Block For Entertainment’s Sake’

R&B singer Keri Hilson will not let critics and naysayers stand in her way because she “believes in artistry and interpretation.” The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer visited New York’s Hot 97 radio show with Angie Martinez earlier today (Dec. 2) to set the record straight in regards to her latest controversial music video, “The Way You Love Me.” “I’m just saying what women really think and feel and if I’m gonna be honest about myself, I have to show that side of myself,” Hilson tells Angie Martinez in the interview. “You can’t have a song talking about what it’s talking about and not show a little more. It’s a love story really.” “The Way You Love Me,” which features rapper Rick Ross, is lifted from Hilson’s forthcoming sophomore album ‘No Boys Allowed.’ Taking a lot of heat for the songs video, Hilson says she’s fine with that because there are positives as well. “Even though it’s gotten crazy, crazy, crazy bad reviews, it’s also gotten some great reviews from women who respect it and women who did feel empowered by it,” she states. “So that, to me, overshadowed the ones that didn’t understand it. I feel good.” Speaking for women, Hilson, who calls herself a freak, says she’s just stating the obvious. “Look, sometimes, this is what we want. If I’m in a room and I’m writing from a girl’s perspective, I may be a small percentage of a freak, but I am a freak! There’s a time to be that,” she states with laughter. “If you’re being real with yourself—I’m not talking about giving it to everybody—I’m in a relationship and I’m saying look, tonight, I don’t want to caress. I want you to f**k me tonight!” And Hilson is ready to put her career on the line for it, stating, “Whatever repercussions come, I’m willing to be on that chopping block for entertainment’s sake.” Source: Rap-Up


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