SINGERSROOM 2010 REWIND: Melanie Fiona Talks Great Year, New Album and Moments

R&B singer Melanie Fiona has been paving the road to her career since the release of her single “Give It To Me Right.” Now with a Grammy Nomination and A Soul Train Award for “Best New Artists” under her belt, the Toronto, Canada born singer of Guyanese descent is read to take the world by storm with her sophomore LP, The MF Life.’ Singersroom Caught up with Melanie Fiona recently to talk about the great year that she notched and here is what she had to say: “Since I did that great show with you guys [Singersroom] a SOBs, it’s been really really great. I had a number one record, a Grammy nomination, I toured with Alicia Keys and now I’m working on the second album, ‘The MF Life,’ which is going to be out top of next year.,” Fiona tells Singersroom. Adding, “Its just been a really great year for me. I did the collabo with John Legend, The Roots and Common on his new single off of Wake Up! 2010. I just feel very blessed right now, I feel very inspired to move on to the next project and keep ‘The Bridge’ alive at the same time.” Melanie Fiona is hard at work on her sophomore album ‘The MF Life,’ which she explores “Different sides” of her. “From the sophomore album definitely expect growth,” She tells Singersroom. “I want people to now recognize me more as an artist. Vocally I’ve really pushed myself a lot further and all the songs are really big full body songs. I definitely explored different sides of me…Rock side of me. I’m really looking forward to people just enjoying the stories because truly ‘The MF Life’ is about the balance of life and all the things that I’ve been through. Even at this point, with all the things I’ve been able to do, thankfully and gracefully, it’s still a struggle and I still go through some hardships but it’s all about sharing those experiences on this album with people.” And thankful Melanie Fiona is as she shares her biggest Music Moments in 2010. “Definitely when I got my Grammy nomination and went to the Grammy’s for the first time as a nominated artist…that was definitely an amazing moment for me,” she says. “Another incredible moment is when I did “We Are The World” for Haiti and I was surrounded my so many legendary artists and people at the top in the industry and I was like one of the newest artists in the room. I felt so honored to be invited to be apart of something so amazing and for such a great cause.” Melanie’s last words…Shout out to for always showing me love. Thank you to all the supporters who go on the site and support my music and everything that I do.


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