Janet Jackson Joins Campaign Against Bullying

Pop/R&B star Janet Jackson is the latest celebrity to join the campaign in the fight against bullying, urging troubled kids to seek help before their problems worsen. The “For Colored Girls” actress, who struggled with self-esteem issues growing up, says she can empathize with children who have been targeted by schoolyard bullies. Jackson has signed up to help the Trevor Project, an organization which offers an around-the-clock counseling hotline to help troubled teens. “(I was) one of those kids… holding everything inside… internalizing everything,” She tells Larry King. “And that really can affect you, and feeling helpless and hopeless, and finding that person that you can trust, that adult, like I did later on in life, that I felt comfortable and safe to tell my issues, my worries, my pains, my aches to. This is what the Trevor Project is really all about. And they have a 24-hour hotline… There’s someone there that you can speak with 24 hours that will be there for you.” Janet also says the kids doing the bullying needs help as well because their bad behavior stems from troubles at home. She adds, “I think it really says more about themselves, how they feel about themselves. There’s something about themselves, I feel, that doesn’t set right, something – whether they hate, they dislike, something that may be going on, issues at home with their parents. Who knows what it is? But it’s something going on inside of them. And I think it’s them lashing out.”


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