EXCLUSIVE: Aloe Blacc Wants to Make Quality Music That Sells

There has been much buzz about Stones Throw recording artists Aloe Blacc’s new album ‘Good things.’ The budding star, who is a first generation offspring to Panamanian parents, obtained most of his commercial notoriety after his single “I Need a Dollar” was featured in HBO’s How to Make it in America. With a style fused with Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul and R&B, Aloe is creating a sound that is constantly testing the boundaries and his new release, “Good Things,” is an expression that is organic and refreshing. But the singer many has come to know didn’t start out on the current path. “I started out as an emcee in the nineties making Hip Hop with DJ Exile,” Blacc tells Singersroom. “We have a group named EMANON and the experience helped teach me more about different styles of music because we sampled from almost everything. I started experimenting with styles about ten years [ago].” In today’s music industry, it’s hard to break soul artists, but Blacc knows that he has to balance his true art against what is currently selling. “Money helps artists make a living, but it also helps business people make more money from the products that artists create,” he tells Singersroom. “The music industry seems to be less about music and more about industry. Some of the business folks don’t care about the quality of the art because their main focus is to make money. My goal as a musician and as a businessman is to make quality art and find a way to present the art in a way that is worthy of purchase. Unfortunately, the industry at large doesn’t always have this philosophy and companies try to force people to buy anything. But Blacc won’t let the demands of the industry affect his work ethic. He credits his parents for instilling hard work and education into his mind set. “My parents were always adamant about doing really well in school and trying hard at everything that I do,” Blacc says. “I am constantly working and striving for improvement. Music is my career, so I take it very seriously and I don’t like wasting time doing things that don’t advance my career.”


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