Chris Brown Talks Yeah 3x, Being in a Better Place, Michael Jackson and The Future

While filming his latest music video for his new single “Yeah 3X,” R&B superstar Chris Brown Spoke with Access Hollywood during one of his breaks, on a multitude of topics ranging from his new album F.A.M.E to trying to overcome the tough times. Brown recently premiered the video for “Yeah 3X” via MTV and his says the song was something for his pop audience since he has been doing so much urban material. “It was brought to me by DJ Frank-E and I was just in the studio writing for other artists and myself. I heard the track and I was like man this is incredible,” Brown says in the interview. “It kind of gave me the ‘Forever’ feeling so I wanted to do more of a song for my pop audience. I’ve been doing a lot of mix-tape stuff, a lot of urban records…the pop audience didn’t really have anything to gauge from so I really wanted to give them this and I feel like Yeah 3X is something different, something new and it’s just [a] positive record. It’s not anything too over the top; it’s just right where it needs to be.” Like his latest movie, “Takers,” Brown also performed all the high-flying flips and jumps in the video and he was happy the cameras were there to catch it. “I’m glad the camera was hear so they can actually see that I really did it, like my movie Takers, I did a lot of my stunts,” says Brown. “I just like to have fun. I like to show that it’s me and do stuff that pushes the limit of the envelope and also gives all the kids a sense of inspiration to just be wild and have fun.” Yeah 3X is the lead single off Brown’s forthcoming album ‘F.A.M.E.’, which he calls a fun album that depicts his good and bad times. “The new album is called F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies). Basically just being able to witness my success, failure and success again,” says Brown. “Being able to see me go from my best times to my worst times and being able to overcome it and grow into a man. But I think that the album is going to have a lot of crazy records, as far as this song [Yeah 3x], we got the ‘Deuces’ remix that I just put out; we’re gonna incorporate that; just have a wide range of stuff that I think people can get their own inspiration or feeling from.” Before Chris Brown was able to deliver music like “Yeah 3X” to his fans, he had to win back their hearts. What better way to do this than channeling your idol? After Brown’s Michael Jackson’s tribute at the 2010 BET Awards, things seemed to take a turn for the better. “I was really nervous,” Brown says of the performance. “I’m never really as nervous on stage, I get butterflies, gitters; we call it the bubble guts [laughs]. But that time was my most memorable moment in life. I got a chance to just embody; I try to embody greatness and Michael Jackson is the end all – be all; he’s the best so me being able to try to capture that and put that into my art and being able to express myself, even with what I was dealing with and his death and everything…was great.” Brown went on to say, “He was everything, this is the reason why I do music, this is the reason why I try to do dance songs. When I was a little kid, at the running around age, I did everything that I could to try to be like him and I think it’s just amazing how great of an entertainer he is. I can only hope to be that great.” As far as the performance, Brown says the song (Man in the Mirror) took him over. “I just listened to the words,” he says. “Because I know, during my rough times, there was a lot of stuff, a lot of criticism, lot of people putting me down, lot of negativity, and I wanted to surround my life with a bunch of positivity and I think that me making a change within myself and trying to grow as a man kind of resonated to me with the song. The song kinda took over, I didn’t even think about the performance any more, I just heard the word and it went from there.” On the Crowds Reaction, Brown says, “I was actually shocked. “ Adding, “I’ve been other places before, we’ve been at games or I remember I sung the national anthem one time and I got a couple boos and different thing that I wasn’t really fond of but I think the crowd’s reaction was kind of great this time. I kinda made me like, “let me stop crying,” I’m looking like a little baby on stage but it was great. “ On all the negative criticism Brown received for hitting ex-girlfriend Rihanna, the singer doesn’t believe he was treated unfairly. “I mean it is what it is, only thing I can do is look to the future,” Brown says. “Just be positive and do as much music as I can, give as much entertainment as I can, dance my butt off and show em what I bring to the table every day.” On pushing forward he says, “I just feel like I’m in a better place. Mentally, even physically working out. Just creatively I’m on a whole different level; I’m on a different island. I just try to be the best at what I do; I’m just doing what I can.” Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3X” Video *Note: This interview was transcribed by Singersroom staff and may miss some actually words from Chris Brown.


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