Michelle Williams talks London Dance Show, Amber Rose and Celebrity Crushes

Michelle Williams, one third of super group Destiny’s Child, recently sat down with PunchBowl TV and discussed everything from her being a contestant on the show “Strictly Come Dancing,” her celebrity crushes and her blooming friendship with Amber Rose. “Strictly Come Dancing,” is a London-based show similar to “Dancing With the Stars,” and Williams says that she is learning so much from being a contestant. “I’m not a classically trained dancer. It’s a different ball game from doing routines to “Independent Women” or one of my songs “Break the Dawn.” It’s a lot more strict, and I wonder ‘What was I thinking!’” laughs the singer. Performing on “Strictly Come Dancing” and performing with Destiny’s Child, proves to be different for the Illinois native. “With Destiny’s Child, there was more fan interaction. With this stage, everything is choreographed. Everything is strict of where you are to be, your partner wants you to do this, do that. I’m really at the mercy of other people.” Williams’ former group members Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland remain her support system as she takes on this new challenge in her life. “It’s so great to have their support. Kelly’s here in London, and she’s very, very, very supportive. B thinks I’m crazy for doing this.” While in London, Williams sparked up a friendship with Amber Rose. “I just happened to run into her at some shows. It was nothing planned. She’s hilarious. She has a funny sense of humor,” said Williams of Rose. “I know that she was wanting some good food and was asking did I know what places to go. Jimmy Choo and I said that we were gonna go out to dinner, so I said ‘Amber, come along.’” Williams’ also revealed her celebrity crushes, which happen to be Trey Songz, Usher and Sting, and also that she is happy in a relationship. “I like older men, so I think Sting, somebody like that, is just distinguished and mature.” “I will say that there is someone, and that yes, I’m happy.” As for Williams’ future in entertainment, her sights are definitely set on Broadway, along with television and film and a holiday and jazz album. She has not forgotten about her musical roots, which lies in gospel, and plans to release a gospel album next year.


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