Wynter Gordon Not Taking the Traditional R&B Path

Wynter Gordon is not your typical R&B singer, and is a self-proclaimed non-traditional girl. Her song, “Dirty Talk,” notched #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and she has an upcoming album aptly titled With The Music I Die. She recently performed at the Hennessey Artistry Series with Travie McCoy, where she spoke with Singersroom about her upcoming album, fashion, her sound, and wanting to work with Nicki Minaj. Gordon is the type of artist that wants to bring her personality to R&B music. “Wynter is the most resilient girl you will ever meet,” she says of herself. “She’s a writer, she’s a vocalist, she’s a dancer, she’s a singer, she’s pretty amazing, she’s a giver, she’s sweet, and that’s what I’m bringing to music.” Like many of her R&B counterparts, such as Bruno Mars and Keri Hilson, Gordon began her career in the music industry as a songwriter and made the transition to being an artist. For her, the transition proved to be smooth because she always wanted to perform, and songwriting gave her that confidence. “Sometimes that’s the shot you get first, that’s the door that opens first,” says Gordon of using songwriting as a way to start her singing career. “I think most songwriters actually are artists before they are songwriters. I’ve worked with Bruno; he’s been performing on the scene way before people knew him as Bruno Mars. Songwriting was actually the first door that opened for me but I always knew I wanted to perform.” With her song “Dirty Talk,” being #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts, the wanting to perform has worked in Gordon’s favor. “It sounds like an ‘80s ra-ra song,” says Gordon of her successful single. “I think it was something people were waiting for. I was happy about it.” When it comes to her music, Gordon does not like being put in a box, and has chosen to not take the traditional R&B route by releasing ballads. “I have never been a traditional girl,” says Gordon. “I write all types of music. This album was focused around dance; I know people only heard “Dirty Talk,” which is more pop. But I went to Europe and traveled all over; worked with some underground talent. Some of the songs are really conscientious; they are some party songs, really strong vocals songs. I am giving a little bit to everything. I do not like genres. Especially these days, nobody is in a box. We’re all mixed.” Gordon is still working on her debut album, With The Music I Die, but wants to build up her fan base before she releases it. As of right now, she’ll only be releasing singles to familiarize people with her sound and music. “It’s a masterpiece,” she says of the album. Besides music, Gordon also has a love for vintage fashion, and was spotted on the red carpet during Fashion Week. Her fashion tips are to go with your budget and what looks good for your body type. “It’s not all about the labels. It’s nice when you have the money, but these days no one has it like that. Just get what is you.” In the future, Gordon is hoping she can work with Nicki Minaj. “She’s being very unique, being herself showing her personality. I would love to work with her.” Gordon also has a comedic side, citing Lea Michelle from “Glee,” and Jonah Hill as people she would love to collaborate with. She would also like to work with Celine Dion, who’s her idol. For now, Gordon is in the studio and on the road promoting her music. “You will see me everywhere because I am not stopping.”


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