EXCLUSIVE: Marc Mysterio Talks Suing Brandy, Plus New Label Deal

As previously reported on Singersroom, a producer sued R&B singer Brandy for an alleged breach of contract after she pulled out of a deal to write and record a song. Marc Mysterio claims he paid Brandy $10,000 upfront but the singer backed out, stating her record label did not want her on the track. “Not sure whom in the industry will really work with Brandy Norwood after this, but it’s kind of ironic that 1 month after her people use as an excuse to back out of our contract and deal that “Universal didn’t want her on my track” that Universal solicits me and my company to be a partner of theirs leading with the very release she was to be on,” Mysterio tells Singersroom Exclusively. Mysterio also says he will use footage from Brandy’s VH1 TV show to prove he is in the right. “The videotapes from VH1 TV of us talking will be in court and out in the public soon enough, so it will be very clear how far along that project was,” Mysterio tells Singersroom. “A reasonable person might conclude that she was more interested in Dancing with the stars and not having a project that would compete for press space. Things that make you go hmmm…” Adding, “We did try to file an Emergency Restraining Order to get the tapes lodged with the court at an early stage, included transcripts of the conversation, and the judge denied it without prejudice — meaning we can bring the issue back up later and via normal subpoena process which is being done — but warned the defendants “nothing had better happen that this videotape for some reason becomes unavailable in the future”” In related news, Marc Mysterio recently inked an exclusive deal with Universal Canada via his company World Class Records (WCR). Each artist signing to WCR/UMC will be produced or executive produced by Marc Mysterio, whom will also run A&R. Universal will handle all aspects of manufacturing, distribution, solicitation for sync and 3rd party licensing, while both parties will cooperate on marketing, public relations, as well as retail campaigns and strategies. “Universal’s backing in giving us the ability to sign and release any act we want. This speaks to DJ culture having arrived in North America” says Marc Mysterio. “If we can sum up this partnership’s personality in one word, that would be ‘pro-active'”.


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