FAB 5: Shontelle’s Style Endeavor

In our exclusive sit down with singer Shontelle, we learned about her style evolution as an artist, love for sequin and Fashion Week favorites.

Surviving Fashion Week… “I am officially fashion weak with an ‘a.’ (laughs) I was literally in London doing promo, flew right back to New York, hopped right off the plane and walked right into Alexander Wang. It was really exciting because I got to be the guest of John Dempsey the president of MAC [Cosmetics]. That was so much fun! Some of my favorite shows were G Star, they were awesome! Alice + Olivia, Cynthia Steffe was really good too. So many shows, but I think Alexander Wang tops it for me. That collection is amazing.”

Favorite Arrives… “Fall is my favorite, favorite fashion season because you have so much more to work with. You know, because it’s not hot but it’s not cold yet. So you can layer and all the fun boots are starting to come out. So my favorite things for fall, right now is leggings. I’m a leggings girl. Leggings are back and they’re not going anywhere for a while. Leggings are a staple for me. I’m also noticing the peep toe wedges which I really love. Of course, I already had to pick up a pair for myself. And then the thigh high boots always make a comeback in the fall so I got those Chanel [boots]. They’re so ridiculous! They literally go right under my butt cheek. So those are some of my favorite trends right now. Leather and sequins are really big for fall. Like leggings are really in and they’re using the lighter side of leather like tans, camels and lighter browns.”

Dramatically Over the Top On Stage… “Oh yeah, on stage I love rocking killer boots. Because usually boots are easier to perform in. They usually give you more support, even if it has a high heel. So, I just love to find a comfortable pair of boots. And on stage I love being sparkly. I wear a lot of sequins and anything that moves. I kind of like to get my Diana Ross/Tina Turner on. I like a sparkly shine on stage and I like my clothes to move with me. You’ve got to be smart about your outfits too. Sometimes leather looks great but it doesn’t really feel good to perform in.”

Style Evolution… “To be in the music business you definitely have to be fearless. You have to be willing to take risks. So, I definitely think I have matured in that way. I’m not as afraid to, you know, step out of my comfort zone. I’ve sorted of realized the only way to break out or get attention is to take risks. You can’t be scared to step outside of the box because if you’re doing the same old thing everyone else is doing, there’s no way you’re gonna stand out. So in that way I’ve definitely matured. And my sound has definitely evolved. When you first come into the music business it’s like you’re a baby. You have to grow, you have to become established. You don’t even really know what your sound is yet most of the time. When you’re doing your first album, you’re still trying to figure it out and figure where you fit in the grand scheme of things musically. And so now, I feel I really figured that out. I feel a lot more comfortable where I am right now. It’s just been such an exciting journey.”

No Gravity vs. Shontelligence… “I feel like with Shontelligence it was a lot more organic and it really felt like a girl who had just left the islands. Who had just left Barbados and that’s what it sounded like. But now I’m no longer [that girl]. I’ve been around the world countless times since then and I’ve been exposed to so much as far as music and culture is concerned. I’ve just been influenced by all those things. I’ve been around people that I realized, “wow, I haven’t even reached these people yet.” So my focus for this album was I need to be in the clubs, I need more radio friendly material. So I thought, “How can I creatively establish a sound that’s going to work on the radio and in the clubs, but not make my older fans feel like I left them in the dirt?” You’ll still get ballads, that’s what I’m known for – ballads. But this album has a lot more uptempo stuff – a llot more guitars and a lot more drums. Shontelligence was more about the piano, more sultry, more soulful. So this album is a lot more fun actually.”

—— By: Mattie James


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