The Style Suite: Mr. Edgy, Sexy and Cool

Ladies won’t deny that they like a well dressed guy. Everyone’s style is different and some people are safer than others. But one thing is clear: whether a man is edgy, sexy or cool, as long as he wears his style with confidence that’s always a win.


The guy who wears something unexpected is always interesting and intriguing. He makes you look twice and even though you wouldn’t have put him in what he’s wearing, he does it well. Bright colors, graphic tees, funky belts and cool hats are all in his repertoire. He uses his fashion as an expression to show off his quirky personality. Sure, he’s unconventional but nevertheless put together.
WHAT HE ROCKS: High-tops, sporty watches, vintage T-shirts, neon fitteds
WHO HE WEARS: Supra, BBC Ice Cream, Salvation Army, Obey, G-Shock
WHY LADIES LOVE HIM: He’s confident and that always gets the girl.


There’s nothing better than a man in a suit. It never gets old. A man that wears a suit shows that he isn’t afraid to be taken seriously and that he cares about what he puts on. His polished and sexy demeanor commands attention whenever he walks into a room. He’s dressed good enough to take you out or to meet Mom.
WHAT HE ROCKS: Tailored suits, button downs, khakis, Oxfords, cardigans
WHO HE WEARS: Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Express, Cole Haan, John Varvatos, Armani Exchange
WHY LADIES LOVE HIM: He’s the kind of guy you dream of.


Swagger is an understatement when it comes to this dude. He can do it all – sporty, edgy, sexy- but whatever the fashion, he always puts his own little twist to it. He dressed good enough to go to a fashion show and cool enough to hit up a friend’s BBQ. You can tell he’s completely comfortable with not only how he’s dressed, but with who he is.
WHAT HE ROCKS: Boots, blazers, hoodies, designer shades, luxury denim
WHO HE WEARS: Creative Rec, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Louboutin, H&M, Crooks & Castles
WHY LADIES LOVE HIM: He never tries too hard.
—— By: Mattie James


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