Goapele Talks Independence and Sexiness For Forthcoming Album

After taking a break from recording, R&B singer Goapele has returned to her independent roots and label, preparing the release of her third studio album “Milk & Honey.” “I appreciate being in control. I appreciate having the creative freedom and I always have,” Goapele says about the new project. “And I’ll say, even when I was with a major, I did have that, which is pretty unusual. I wish that the Change It All album got more support than it did, but I feel like I’m in a good place right now where I really do feel that I’m free to make whatever decisions that I want on whatever timeline I want. I really feel that the music industry is really changing right now. As far as radio, there are [fewer] avenues. But, as far as the Internet, there is more direct feedback and connecting with fans. I appreciate that because I feel like it gives artists like me an opportunity to really see what people are feeling in an authentic way. Goapele dropped her self-released debut album ‘Closer’ in 2001, which was reworked a year later (Even Closer) to reach a wider audience. Although her major label debut, ‘Change It All,’ released by Columbia in 2005, didn’t meet industry expectations, but it didn’t stop Goapele’s momentum. On her forthcoming disc, the socially and politically charged singer is making herself sexier, a task that is evident in the music video for the first single “Milk & Honey.” Watch the “Milk & Honey” music video “I think I am probably my hardest critic in terms of the things I felt I should or should not do to put myself out there,” She says. “My first album was an independent album, and it had an everyday picture of myself, even less dressed-up than normal. I was making a point that I just wanted the music to sell the album, and not me trying to look cute on the front. I am glad I did it that way, but I also feel happy with being able to feel it’s OK to be sexy now. I don’t feel like I have to hold my ground as much.”


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