EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Price Talks New Album and Why Project with Tamia and Deborah Cox Failed

It’s been almost five years since Kelly Price released her last album, ‘This Is Who I Am,’ but it seems the Gospel-R&B diva hasn’t missed a beat. The “Friend of Mine” star, who is currently trying to maximize her presence in Hollywood, recently talked with Singersroom about her new album, ‘Kelly,’ and why the Queen Project with Tamia and Deborah Cox went to the way side. “This is the most personal album ever. There was no one song that embodied the album. I went home and came to the conclusion that it was just me so I called it ‘Kelly’,” Price tells Singersroom exclusively. “When you listen to it from front to back it’s me. It’s me baring my soul. I’m leaving all insecurities behind to tell something. This is where I am at now in life. I have created a list of things that I want to see myself do. So if I don’t push myself, I will never be able to do these things and letting go of some things will be required. Some are as simple as learning how to swim.” As far as the Queen Project, an album with Price, Tamia and Deborah Cox, Kelly says timing and politics are the main reason for the shelving of the disc. “We had the music done … everything worked beautifully. The entire album was recorded in two weeks,” Kelly tells Singersroom. She continued, “It was Mr. Crawford’s idea from the very beginning. This was 5 years ago when he came with the idea. I thought it was a great idea but a bad time for me. He came back with the idea last year and I had just finished this album. He also went to Tamia and Deborah with the idea. Deborah had already signed a contract with Broadway so she had a small window of time. I actually had more flexibility. When all the music was done it came time to take care of the business. We had three different managers, three different lawyers etc. It went from being a creative love fest to a trading day on the floor of Wall Street. Just too many people involved and the end result was we were unable to get it done in a time frame that would have allowed us to work the record and tour properly. We could have forced the music out but it would have just been another album that hit Itunes and stores. An executive decision was made even though it was disappointing for us and fans. But I think [releasing] the album without touring would have been a bigger disappointment. There will definitely be an opportunity to release it at a later date with proper touring.” Read our interview with Kelly Price.


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