EXCLUSIVE: Lyfe Jennings Talks ‘Unstable’ and ‘Cheating’ Men In Round Table

In an exclusive Singersroom round table, based around Lyfe Jenning’s single, “Statistics,” off his forthcoming fourth studio album, ‘I Still Believe,’ the crooner touched on pieces of the song’s lyrics and why he wrote it. Regarding “Statistics,” which he says was conceptualized by Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” Lyfe says he just wanted to switch things up a little bit in this male dominated business and see how “men would feel when things are being said about them.” Based on the lyrics: 25% of all men are unstable and 25% of all men can’t be faithful, Lyfe says his personal opinion on cheating is “Anything that you do outside of your significant other that you wouldn’t do in from of your significant other.” “I personally don’t think that people cheat on people that they love. Love and like is two different things. Love is action” “These things that we see in the media, stuff that we hear, see in videos, everything that comes into our senses, it gives us nothing to draw back to. So we don’t have a list of…I guess…character values…that confirms that this is cheating for us.” “Some people may not know because everything you hear on the radio is “Slap that ho, whoop that chic,” so you think slapping a ho or whopping a chic is right.” Lyfe penned “Statistics” to help women find their potential husband. The new album ‘I Still Believe’ drops August 31st via Warner Bros. Records Watch the exclusive round table (Part 1) below and post your feedback about the discussion.


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