FAB 5: Hair Stylist Tippi Shorter (Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland, Jada Pinkett Smith)

Celebrity hair stylist Tippi Shorter is who stars like Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland and Jada Pinkett Smith trust to style their tresses. SR joined the gorgeous stylist as she styled locals recently in Atlanta. In between clients, she sat down and gave us 5 tips on achieving fabulous hair for the summer.

When it comes to blowing your hair out, the stylist explains that it really depends on the hair type – long, short or natural – that you’re working with. “If you’re relaxed with longer hair, I can get away with doing a blowout with a round brush and following up with a flat iron if it needs some additional heat. Someone with relaxed short hair, I would definitely wrap it and probably do away with the heat. Someone with natural hair… I definitely wouldn’t try to use a round brush because I know that I’m going to have to follow it up with a little heat. I would use a Boar’s Head paddle brush to get your hair dry. The focus wouldn’t be to get it straight, but to get it dry and as smooth as I can. I would follow it with a flatiron.”

Tippi reveals that high heat on hair can easily destroy. Even when she wants to get hair straight, she can still achieve the look at medium heat. “Because I’m using two types of heat – following the blow dryer with the flat iron – I usually do both at medium heat. I don’t do high heat with high heat. I definitely recommend that for people at home as well. It’s a great way to avoid overheated and overprocessed hair.”

The stylist also stresses how important it to keep hair conditioned. She says a really important thing to blowing out or putting heat in your hair is conditioner. Whether you’re detangling it or just protecting it from the heat, either way it needs to be used to protect it. “One of my favorite serums is BioSilk Silk Therapy Serum. It’s shiny and not too heavy. I relax my hair, color-treat it and I bleach, so if anything can make my hair feel soft on impact, I have to use it.” If your hair is fine and your hair gets weighed down by conditioner, Tippi suggests, “…a spray and they can dilute the spray with water. Before diluting, Find the product that works for you.”

If you’re worried your blow out won’t last in humidity, Tippi has the answer. “When blow drying your hair, it’s really important to use a leave-in conditioner. Whether I’m detangling or trying to fight humidity, I like to apply a protective barrier to the hair before applying heat. Try Avon Advance Techniques Lotus Shield Frizz Control Anti-Frizz Treatment. The benefit of the Avon ‘Lotus Shield’ is obtained through longer use of it. You have to use it between three to four shampoos to really see the benefit of it, so it’s like compounded use. The product can make your style last up to three days longer, in 97 percent humidity.”

“On the 2010 BET Awards when Alicia Keys was on the piano and she was flinging her hair all over the place, when she came back to the piano she didn’t have a hair out of place. We used Hard Head Hairspray by Bed Head.” —— By: Mattie James


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