Ciara Talks BET Ban, Respect for Other Female Artists in New interview

With a slight change in sound and fashion style, and teaming up with The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, R&B singer Ciara is ready to return to fame with her forthcoming album, titled Basic Instinct. The road turned out to be not as easy as she thought after her video to the single “Ride” was banned from BET and the album being pushed back. “Well, it was unexpected for me,” Ciara tells Paper Magazine in a recent interview. “In my past experience with my videos with BET in particular, I’ve been used to cutting things out here and there. But when I heard it was banned and would never be played, it was definitely a surprise for me. I didn’t expect that. However, it’s just one of those things… I of course want my video to be played on all networks, but at this point it’s all good. Thank God for new technology and that there are so many ways for my fans to see my video.” Ciara went on to tell the magazine that music videos are essential for her to showcase her talent. “They’re very important for me because they help me to sell my vision or share my vision, and again, performing is another way to bring lyrics to life,” Ciara says of her music videos. “So for example, for the “Ride” song, I service the video and the song at the same time. I guess sometimes my fans expect for me to have a faster tempo record sometimes. However, with the right song I wanted to give my vision in its entirety. So for me, in my perspective, videos are really important because they allow me to completely share my vision and make it clear.” Ciara, who would love to do a duet with Janet Jackson, says she has a lot of respect for any females in this shaky music business. “I give respect to any woman who’s being successful in our music industry,” she says. “It’s a tough world and tough at times to push through and really, really create your own thing and make it solid. I’m all for it — I’m super supportive of any woman being successful in music, especially in this day and age. If I could work with someone it’d be Fergie. I love her energy, her attitude. I love her swag. I think it’d be fun and really a lot of attitude.” Full Interview


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