Summer Fashion 101: 5 Tips For A Jetset Ready Style

With the summer here, you’ll be doing a lot more traveling. Whether you’re taking a road trip or jumping on a red eye flight, it’s important to keep your style while dressing relaxed as opposed to being ridiculously overdressed. Because even though you want to look cute, the goal is comfort so you don’t regret taking the trip at all. By taking notes from your favorite stars who travel all the time, you’ll see how to be stylish yet a jetset chic all at the same time.

Unless, you’re Beyonce in Alexander McQueen heels because your Maybach is going to pick you up as soon as you touch down, stick with flats. Whether it’s ballet flats to go with your skinny jeans or flat gladiator sandals to pair with your cargo pants, pick what works best for the outfit and your comfort. Use color to express your style and if you’re bold opt for an animal print.

Especially if you’re traveling long or in the early morning, you’re probably not going to wear make up. You can stay low key and still look chic by throwing on some shades. Big sunglasses and lip gloss is a great way to fake the look. They work great on the flight if you want to sleep, if you take pictures when you arrive to your destination and naturally, if it’s sunny you’re already covered.

Even if you’ve checked luggage, have a great large carry on bag with you at all times. The bag should really be able to store your essentials – cell, iPod, wallet, magazines, etc. – while serving as a great addition to your outfit. For versatility, stick with a top handle bag that you can wear on your arm or your shoulder so you can be as comfortable as you want.

The worst possible thing you can do while traveling is wear an outfit that won’t handle the trip. Wear materials that are wrinkle-free like denim, linen and pieces with Lycra in it. Pay attention to the fit of the clothes you wear as well. Anything that’s too snug or tight is more likely to be wrinkled and quite frankly, is incredibly uncomfortable. If you wear something over your outfit to keep your warm (planes are infamous for blasting their AC) stick with light knit wear. It won’t be too heavy and won’t wrinkle.

A lot of times, when you get to where you need to be, you have to go straight to a meeting, have lunch with a friend or head to an event. Although your focus is being comfortable, you still need to dress good enough to be seen in public. Your jetset ensemble needs to be socially appropriate and ready to go if you throw some heels on with it. That way, all you have to do is change shoes in the car and you’re on your way. —— By: Mattie James


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