The Style Suite: Fabulous Shades, Cargo Pants and Global Prints

As we watch our favorite stars wear the beautiful things, it’s hard not to wish you had the same things for yourself. But let’s be real, it’s a recession so spending an arm and a leg on a piece of clothing is out of the question. You don’t always have the luxury of doing those types of things. But, you’re allowed to dream about the things you’d kill for. Here are the latest items on our wish list.

From the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, everyone who is anyone has gotten their hands on these very exclusive glasses. From chains, studs, crosses and crystals, these shades are bound to make a statement. Hand made with Swarovski crystals, Kerin’s glasses can cost a pretty penny, but they’re just that. Pretty and one of a kind.

It seems as if shoes are just getting higher and higher. Beyonce and the stars of Sex and the City are big fans of Charlotte Olympia pumps, which are a season favorite. Of course, shoe maven Christian Louboutin reigns with his new collection – filled with platform pumps and booties and his infamous red bottoms. Another shoe designer on the rise is Nicholas Kirkwood (who’s a favorite of Kelly Rowland.) His futuristic caged shoes are a celebrity favorite. If you have a pair of his beautiful shoes, you’re a certified It Girl.

A must have for the summer, cargo pants are very in for the summer. Now, depending on where you buy them, they’re not too hard on your wallet. These pants are perfect for flats and even stylish enough to pair with a great pump. You can even wear a crop top with them. J Brand has the best fitting pair out right now. Adding a pair of them to your wardrobe is definitely an upgrade.

Summertime is the season to fully embrace color. That includes on your face as well. Fashion designer Tom Ford recently released Private Blend Lip Color Lipstick. Aside from being great lip color, the lipstick comes in a beautiful mirrored and gold case. Besides that, who else can say they wear a designer lipstick?

Nothing says warm weather like a global print dress or romper. Clothing lines like Boxing Kitten have great silhouettes and bold prints. Beyonce and Alicia Keys wore the line in their video for “Put It In A Love Song.” From blazers to shorts, global prints can work well at parties and even for work if paired with the appropriate blazer or cardigan. The best part is global printed pieces are usually made out of light cotton, which is perfect for the summer. Wearing statement pieces like these is a sure way to stand out – in a good way.
—— By: Mattie James


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