Style Report Cards: How Did Your Favorite Star Fare?

Lady Gaga
Grade: B+

The only reason I am giving Lady Gaga a B on her fashion/style report card is because not everything she wears is a winner or attractive, just avant-garde. Regardless, I love her for pushing the envelope like her contemporaries Kelis, Grace Jones and David Bowie. I hope she doesn’t change anytime soon.

Grade: A

I’m not a Beyonce stan by a long haul, but when it comes to clothes, Beyonce gets it. This outfit that she wore out over the weekend for a dinner date is the business. It’s such seeming lack of effort that gives her high marks.

Alicia Keys
Grade: C

I am not a big fan of Alicia’s style choices thus far. In fact, they are kind of plain and “safe.” I’m not expecting crazy fashion out of her, but with such a lovely face and body, I think she could do a whole lot more style wise.

Amber Rose
Grade: B+

Lately, I haven’t been feeling Amber Rose’s clothing choices, but she remains one of the top of her class. I just love her figure, the fact that she holds it down for the ladies with lowboys (shaved heads), and she can pretty much wear almost anything. Note I said, almost.

Grade: A-

Rihanna’s stylist puts in overtime, you hear me? She’s just always on her fashion game. She’s had some misses, but she knows how to wear an outfit. She does get a minus because her fashion game has incorporated others before her, namely Kelis and Fefe Dobson.

Grade: B

This is more like it! I’ve always appreciated Kelis, as she predates Lady Gaga by a decade. Lately though, her style was experimental, with some really unflattering results. She’s making changes and getting back to where she belongs.

Nicki Minaj
Grade: C-

Mostly tacky in an attempt to be outrageous, Nicki gets the lowest grade of the bunch (although she cleaned up in this photo). I’m never a fan of grown women wanting to be a Barbie doll, or any doll for that matter. Parts of Nicki seem contrived, and that is why she places so low on the list.

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