Usher Claims Mom Agreed To Terminate Relationship

Contrary to popular belief Usher says his mother and former maanger, Jonetta Patton, agreed to terminate their relationship (business-wise) years ago. Claiming to need her as a mother only at this stage in his life, Usher says “I can have many managers, but I can only have one mother. And having been introduced to these new stages of my life where I do need that support, that’s where I need her.” As far their agreement, Usher says “It was an agreement between the two of us…. but that message has been misconstrued because we just never chose to have a conversation in public about our relationship.” Usher released his latest effort, “Raymond V Raymond,” in March. The album has sold over 400,000 copies, spawning the singles “OMG,” “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home),” “There Goes My Baby” and “Lil Freak”.


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