Singersroom Spotlight: Monica Says ‘It’s Ok To Be Kind’

R&B singer Monica, who recently released her sixth studio album, Still Standing, wants people to be more conscious about giving back. “I would love to see people lend a helping hand for no reason and expect no reward as well more” Monica tells Singersroom exclusively. “I like the feeling that I got when we did the Haiti relief concert. I like seeing different people from different walks of life…coast to coast…just helping with no expectations. You know…doing what we love. Answering phones, talking to callers, donating…things like that can be done on a consistent basis.” Don’t know where to start? Monica says start with your community. “There are tons of things we can do in our community,” Monica tells Singersroom. “For one, a lot of children are without parents. They need big brothers and big sisters and they don’t know where to find that. They don’t have any other outlets. So when you see that…lend a helping hand…it’s ok to be kind.” Monica, who has traveled the rocky roads of life, says she was put here to help others. “What I do is not always for the cameras. I really feel like part of why I was put here is to reach out to young girls that are similar to the way I was 10-15 years ago and I make it my duty.”


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