Jennifer Hudson Joins ‘Watchers’ For Son, Husband

Jennifer Hudson not only partnered with Weight Watchers as a spokeswoman but as a mom and wife concerned about setting the right example. Speaking of her deal with the weight loss and healthy living focused company, Hudson admits her son was a driving force behind promoting weight watchers.. “How can I make a better me, or grow or do some changes, anything, just experiment, because I have me back now,” Hudson said Thursday. “And then at the same time, having the baby … it’s like, OK, this is a good way of how I would want my child to grow up, because so many times in growing up, you gain really bad habits … so I want to make sure that he’s going into this and I’m being a good example for him.” While her son was a driving force, Hudson’s fiance’ David has been effected by the decision to team up with Weight Watchers as well. “He’s doing weigh-ins,” says Hudson. “He’s super healthy, and he’s a bodybuilder type, but he is inspired by it.” As previously reported, the Grammy Award winner fronts a just debuted campaign for Weight Watchers which will be seen via a variety of ads later this month.


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