Usher Avoided Personal Life, Bias Recording Raymond

Usher took extra time away from his home, Atlanta, Georgia, when recording the soon-to-be released album “Raymond V. Raymond”. Afraid of filling the album with drama in his personal life and producing the “norm,” Usher jetted off to Las Vegas. “I didn’t want my music to be biased by what I was going through in my personal life or corner myself with a specific sound from there or New York,” Usher revealed Monday, March 29 in an interview. “Vegas is an eclectic melting pot that gave me the freedom to be more creative.” Set for release Tuesday, March 30, Usher says “Raymond V. Raymond” is more so about perception — “what I am and who I am” versus what people believe he is all about. “There was an evolution…. In this lifetime you will have gone through a lot of good times and bad times. I put myself on hold but now I’m back.” Featuring the singles “Lil Freak,” “OMG,” and “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s HOme),” “Raymond V. Raymond” is due in stores Tuesday, March 30.


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