Corinne Bailey Rae Joins Stevie Wonder, Pump Aid

Corinne Bailey Rae will join Stevie Wonder for an anticipated European tour this summer! Breaking the news via the Daily Star this week, Rae said “I have met him a few times and he is so funny and humble. He’s had a big influence on me.” According to Rae, Wonder personally invited her on tour. “Just getting to see him play again is going to be great, but the fact that I have got there by playing my music and he asked me is incredible,” she says. In related news, Corinne Bailey Rae has teamed up with Pump Aid as an ambassador ! In her latest bid to the organization, which she joined in 2007, Rae is giving away one of the highlights from her new album ‘The Sea’, as a thank you to people who make a donation to Pump Aid. The track, ‘Love’s On Its Way’, a poignant and beautiful song of hope, is provided as a free download to anyone who donates through the Everyday Hero link. There is also a widget which people can share with friends, forwarding on the free download link around the world to promote Live Earth’s 6K Run For Water, which is taking place in over 50 countries around the world on April 18th. “As goodwill ambassador for the charity Pump Aid I’ve seen at firsthand how a relatively small amount of money can transform the lives of rural communities in Africa. Just $5 can give one child water for life, simply by donating money to get this music download you are making an incredible difference. There are so many ways that you can support Pump Aid, you can download this track, get involved in Live Earth or donate whatever you can every month to help combat the global water crisis,” says Rae. “We think of water as such a frivolous commodity but 1 billion people don’t have access to it and 5,000 children die every day because they are forced to drink dirty water. Let’s stop forcing children to drink contaminated water and help Pump Aid build more Elephant Pumps across Africa.” With nearly 1 billion people without access to clean water and a further 2.5 billion without adequate sanitary provisions, we know that our approach has the potential to solve these problems for more people, in more countries, right across the world. For more information visit or


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