Jackson Doctor Murray Attorney Denies Hidden Drugs

Contrary to shocking reports alledging his client, Dr. Conrad Murray, stopped performing CPR on Michael Jackson to hide drugs and an assortment of devices, attorney Ed Chernoff says Murray did no such thing. “He wasn’t putting bottles in a bag and trying to hide them,” Chernoff said in a statement shortly after news broke Monday. “We are confident that a fair trial will ferret out the truth.” As reported Monday, Alberto Alvarez, Michael Jackson’s logistic’s director was called to Jackson’s bedside before paramedics arrived June 25. In testimony, Alvarez told investigators that Dr. Conrad Murray told him to remove an IV bag from a stand and put it in a blue canvas bag, after instructing him to hold a bag while he placed unidentified bottles inside. While Alvarez is said to not be aware of what the bottles contained, he did tell investigators he was “frozen and stunned” when he saw Jackson lying in the bed.


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