Akon Concert Starts Riot, Protest In Sri Lanka

A recently announced Akon concert has angered Sri Lankan residents, to the point of causing riots and protests over the weekend. According to local reports, hundreds of people stormed the head office of Sri Lanka’s Maharaja Broadcasting and Television (MBC/MTV) over the network’s decision to sponsor Akon’s concert in the region next month. Not just upset about the concert but political discourse, protesters hurled stones at the building, smashed windows and damaged parked cars. “The entire head office came under attack and our guys got hit with rocks,” Chevan Daniel, the head of news at MBC/MTV, told Reuters at the scene. While a statement has not come from opposition groups as of yet, sources say they are disturbed by Akon’s music video, “Sexy Chick”. Featuring “scantily clad women dancing at a pool party with a Buddha statue visible in the background,” sources say Akon desecrated Buddha. Akon has not issued a statement regarding the protest and forthcoming concert. The concert is due to take place April 24.


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