Producer Sues Lady Gaga Over Image, Royalties

Whether or not he truly created the persona we now know as Lady Gaga remains a question but, songwriter/producer Rob Fusari wants his cut of the Grammy winner’s fortune. Claiming “all business is personal,” Fusari, who claims to have dated Gaga for some time, filed suit Wednesday, March 17 alleging the singer owes him $35 million ! According to documents uncovered by the AP, Fusari claims to have spent several months working with Lady Gaga “every day,” including production of songs on her debut album “The Fame”. He also claims to have created the name Lady Gaga, even persuading the “Telephone” star to alter her sound from guitar-laden efforts to dance beats. While Fusari admits to have been paid for work on “The Fame,” namely credits for “Paparazzi” and “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich,’ to the tune of $611,000, he believes Lady Gaga owes him more — namely a 20% share of royalties, 15% of merchandising and other funds owed from previous agreements. One of those agreements is Team Love Child, LLC, which he claims he and Lady Gaga, at that point romantically involved, created to promote her career, with his share of the joint venture being 20%. After signing with Interscope, with the help of Akon, Fusari claims Lady Gaga ditched him both professionally and romantically. “All business is personal. When those personal relationships evolve into romantic entanglements, any corresponding business relationship usually follows the same trajectory so that when one crashes they all burn,” Fusari states in the lawsuit. “That is what happened here.” This is not the first time Fusari has been involved in a controversial situation. Just last month, the producer accused Beyonce and her father/manager Mathew Knowles of taking full credit for the Destiny’s Child single “Bootylicious,” which he co-wrote. Lady Gaga has not commented on the lawsuit.


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