Usher is hitting hard with not just one music video this month, but two. Gearing up for the release of his next studio album, “Raymond Vs. Raymond,” the R&B heartthrob recently wrapped up shoots for the Will.I.Am featured “OMG” and Nicki Minaj featured track “Little Freak”. The latter of the two was shot Tuesday with Minaj and a rumored cameo from “Work” singer Ciara. Speaking of the unexpected video, which he calls a “back to back” effort, Usher told fans “The gloves are off” Tuesday. In related news, Usher is looking to get his ‘swagger’ back with “Raymond Vs.Raymond.” Covering the latest issue of Billboard, Usher admits to have lost his swagger over the last few years but hopes to return to the top this year (click Here for more on that story…) “Raymond Vs. Raymond” is slated for release March 30.