Style Suite: Stevie Boi’s Eyewear Creations

If you thought that accessorizing simply meant some nice jewelry, killer shoes and to die for handbag, you haven’t gotten a hold of Stevie Boi’s creations. I had a chance to hit up the much sought after designer and sunglasses connoisseur earlier this week to chat about his super original shades, his inspirations and what he has planned. In 2010, if you’re shades ain’t tight, your outfit may not be right. Stevie Boi shades should convince you of that.

His shades have graced the gorgeous faces of celebrities like Eva Marcille Pigford, Rasheeda and Dawn Richards (formerly of Danity Kane and now with Dirty Money), and he’s not stopping there. If you’re looking for that one accessory that will make you the talk of the town, you might want to get your hands on one of these creations. Trust me. I have a pair, and they dropped jaws.

Singersroom: How did SB [Stevie Boi] Shades get started?

Stevie Boi: Well, I decided to incorporate myself just eight months ago, but I started making them about three to four years ago.

Singersroom: Your designs are quite a mixture of punk, futuristic, vintage influences. Where do you find your inspiration?

Stevie Boi: My mom and I are fanatics when it comes to horror movies. Most of the shades come from nightmares and my imagination.

Singersroom: You’re definitely not the only one putting an innovative twist on shades. What makes SB shades different than the others?

Stevie Boi: Quality, representation, and they’re original designs. My inspirations aren’t from Chanel or any other designers. I stick to what I believe and what looks good on me.

Singersroom: When did you realize that you wanted to pursue designing haute couture eye wear?

Stevie Boi: Literally, eight months ago I decided I’d just take this talent and make it a business. Modeling was taking forever!

Singersroom: Are you a one man army, or do you have a staff working for you? If not, how do you find time for yourself?

Stevie Boi: I have a great business partner Jet-futeristic. She also designs with me and gives me great guidance with business and tips for women.

Singersroom: What are your long term goals for SB shades? Are you expanding your brand this year?

Stevie Boi: Oh, believe me you will be surprised!

Singersroom: Who are the five celebrities that you would absolutely kill to work with?

Stevie Boi: Grace Jones! She covers it all.

Singersroom: If you had to style an outfit to go with a pair of your SB shades, what would that outfit be?

Stevie Boi: Hmm… Not really something to think about. I usually tell peeps to let their SB shades be an inspiration to their look for the day.

Singersroom: Have you had any formal training in manufacturing clothing and accessories, or are you self-taught? Do you think that formal training is necessary to make it in the fashion industry?

Stevie Boi: Self taught. I also had a successful clothing line about a year ago with Great question! No, I believe you do not need it unless your wearing a tie and doing PR [Public Relations]. Sorry.

Singersroom: Do you have any words of advice for any new entrepreneurs or designers trying to find their way in fashion?

Stevie Boi: Be financially set before you release anything. They’re a lot of fake designers out there that love to steal and not credit us young designers. And also patent your work!

For more information on Stevie Boi, and to cop a pair (or two) of his haute couture shades, hit up

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