Rihanna Song About Brown, One ‘Everbody Wanted To Hear’ ?

Rihanna turned to pen and pad shortly after being assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. While she has been mum on just how much of her latest album, “Rated R” is related to the incident, Rihanna says “Cold Case Love” is the song “everybody wanted to hear”. “It’s a song that everybody wanted to hear,” says Rihanna. “Everything that I didn’t say for the past eight months, exactly how I felt about that relationship and how I feel about it now – that song says it all.” A departure from the flirty singles “Rude Boy” and “Hard,” “Cold Case Love” includes the lyrics “What you did to me was a crime” and follows the cut “Stupid In Love”. In related news, Rihanna is ready to work on a “Rated R” follow up. While she enjoyed working on the “Russian Roulette” led project, she plans to make the next album more uptempo (more on that story here….) c: CNN/SR


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