Charlie Wilson Says Drop VIP, Get Back To Love

Grammy Award nominated R&B veteran Charlie Wilson is ready for more love and sensual lyrics in music. “I think male vocalists…we sitting on too many dubs and we in the VIP too much,” says Wilson. “You know, it’s all good to be in the VIP but we need to start whispering something really sweet in the woman’s ear or whatever.” In leaving the VIP, Wilson believes fellow R&B men will be relatable and may even teach the next generation a lesson. “For instance if you’re going to be talking about sitting on dubs or in the VIP then when you get there and you see a young lady, you should start macking to her right then and there,” Wilson says in a recent interview with Singersroom. “That’s when the lyrics should start getting sensual. I think that’s the way it should be. So, the youngsters can understand how to really talk to a lady.” A four-time Grammy nominee, Wilson is also well recognized for his stint with the Gap Band.


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