Jackson Doctor Posts Bail, Judge ‘I Don’t Want You Sedating People’

Dr. Conrad Murray has been arraigned on charges related to the death of Michael Jackson in Los Angeles. During a hearing Monday afternoon, Murray plead not guilty to manslaughter charges and was allowed to post bail in the amount of $75,000. While Murray appeared to be comfortable with his legal team, he was nearly reprimanded by presiding judge Keith L. Schwartz. “I do not want you sedating people,” the Schwartz said at one point, followed by a brief exchange with Murray’s counsel, who asked for clarification as to who may sedate patients with anesthetics . “He is not to be prescribing that (mentioning propofol) or injecting that into somebody,” the judge went on to say. “I don’t want him doing it.” That same judge ordered that Murray, while free on bail, may not have possession of any sedative including propofol in any state that he may be licensed to practice, including California, Texas and Nevada. Murray is due to appear in court next April 5, 2010. Murray’s passport has also been taken despite counsel telling authorities that he is not a flight risk and only traveled to Grenada to visit his mother. He faces a maximum of four years in prison and revocation of his medical license. Due to security concerns, the judge also ordered that the embattled Doctor’s next appearance be in Downtown Los Angeles. Members of the Jackson family were present at the arraignment.


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