Beyonce Concert Plans Upset Locals, Tradition

Could Beyonce destroy years of a tradition in Trinidad and Tobago ? According to locals opposing her upcoming concert, the “Singles Ladies” diva will. “I love Beyoncé but she should never take the spotlight off the Trinidad Carnival,” a fan stated, referring to a show scheduled to take place just two days after the long held tradition. A number of local entertainment related groups and retailers have teamed up to urge Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago executive Roberto Peon to postpone the “I Am Sasha Fierce” singer’s concert, simply because funds normally used for carnival will likely end up going to Beyonce or at least preparations for the concert. According to Gregory Fernandes it will cost TSTT up to $30 million to pay for the singer’s performance – money he insists should be used for hosting the festival. Speaking with Trinidad & Tobago Express, Fernandes says “We want to discuss with TSTT the position they have taken to present Beyonce in concert so soon after Carnival and their decision to cut back and even pull sponsorship of Carnival events.” “They will need to prepare (Beyonce’s) venue to accommodate the 25,000-plus audience, they need to break even and when you take into consideration what may be on Beyonce’s rider, that can be an additional three quarter million or more.” While Fernandes says they have nothing against Beyonce, he is concerned about those whose livelihood depends on the carnival. “We have nothing against Beyonce. We are just saying that it is insensitive to bring her at this time. It will affect all Carnival stakeholders because, you know, it’s not just a case of people forgoing fetes and shows to buy tickets. What about those who depend on Carnival to earn income? No patrons at events or no events mean that all service providers are out of a dollar. As a corporation of which 51 per cent is Government-owned, TSTT needs to provide answers to the cultural fraternity.” This is not the first time a Beyonce concert has been met with opposition. The singer encountered similar issues in Malaysia.


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