Maino – Get Em Tiger

Maino’s new single “Get Em Tiger” is an upbeat, energetic track that speaks to the hustle and grind of life. The New York City rapper brings his signature energy and lyrical style to this infectious banger, creating something both unique and relatable for fans across the globe. From its catchy chorus to its hard-hitting production, it’s clear why this song has quickly become a favorite among hip hop heads everywhere.

In less than two weeks since its release, “Get Em Tiger” has already accumulated over three million streams across all platforms—and counting! This success proves just how powerful Maino’s impact can be when he puts out quality music like this. With clever wordplay and punchy bars throughout the song, Maino delivers an anthem that will get your heart pumping with excitement. His undeniable talent shines through in every verse as he raps about chasing dreams despite any set backs or criticism you might face along the way.

The message behind “Get Em Tiger” serves as a reminder that no matter what obstacles may come our way, we should never give up on our ambitions. It’s a motivating force and source of inspiration for anyone striving to make their mark in whatever field they choose. Overall, Maino does not disappoint with his latest hit record – if you haven’t heard it yet, now is definitely the time!

Background Information

Maino, born Jermaine Coleman, is an American hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, New York. He’s been in the game since 2002 and has released five studio albums to date. His most popular single “Get Em Tiger” was released in 2010 on his fifth album The Day After Tomorrow. It quickly rose to national attention for its infectious beat and catchy chorus that spoke about being a hustler and never giving up despite any challenges life throws at you.

The song starts off with Maino declaring himself as “the king of the jungle” while introducing the track over a hypnotic background loop of horns and synths. As he delivers his bars full of braggadocio lyrics, it gives listeners insight into Maino’s persona: a streetwise hustler who can handle whatever comes his way. This bravado carries through the entire track with calculated lyrical punches backed by heavy bass lines and powerful drums that keep the energy going throughout the whole song.

This high-energy anthem resonated well among fans and critics alike due to its uplifting message of perseverance and determination. Since its release, “Get Em Tiger” has become one of Maino’s signature songs, putting him firmly on the map as an undeniable talent in rap music.

Analysis Of The Song

Maino’s ‘Get Em Tiger’ is a classic hip-hop banger that speaks to listeners on multiple levels. It captures the essence of street life and hustling, while still maintaining its upbeat energy. The song is full of clever wordplay and punchlines to keep you hooked from start to finish.

The production behind this track brings everything together nicely with a catchy hook over an infectious beat. There are plenty of layers in the instrumentation, giving it a complex sound that keeps your attention throughout the entire song. This combined with Maino’s authoritative delivery makes for an enthralling listening experience every time.

It’s clear why ‘Get Em Tiger’ has become one of Maino’s most popular songs: it speaks volumes about his character as well as his talent as both an artist and lyricist. With its powerful message and memorable chorus, it definitely deserves all the acclaim it gets.


I. Conclusion
Overall, “Get Em Tiger” by Maino is an excellent song that stands out in both its production and lyrical content. The beat has a great old school hip hop feel to it, while the lyrics contain references to current events as well as classic rap tropes like hustling and street life. On top of all this, Maino’s delivery is really on point here – his flow is smooth and he enunciates every line with conviction. It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks off his latest album and a must-listen for any fan of hip hop music.

II. Personal Opinion
Personally, I was really impressed with this track when I first heard it. There’s something about the energy that comes through in the beat and vocals that just grabs me every time I listen to it. Listening to the song always feels like a journey into another world; from start to finish you can’t help but be drawn into its story. As far as modern hip hop songs go, “Get Em Tiger” is definitely up there with some of the best out there right now.

III. Final Thoughts
In conclusion, if you’re looking for something fresh in terms of contemporary hip hop then look no further than Maino’s “Get Em Tiger”. Not only does it have awesome production value and catchy hooks, but also offers plenty of substance within its verses too. All in all, it’s one of those rare gems that never gets old regardless how many times you hear it – so grab your headphones and get ready to ride!