Raheem DeVaughn In Love, But Conscious On New Album

When Raheem DeVaughn’s anticipated album “Love & War” arrives early next year, heartfelt records like “You” will be presented with a bevy of socially conscious songs. According to DeVaughn, it was important to write a soundtrack to the times we are living in instead of opting for what seems to be “hot” right now on his new album. “There aren’t people that always feel like I feel…they going to talk about who they want to talk about, so I’m going to talk about what I want to talk about,” DeVaughn tells Singersroom. “I feel like balance is important. I have songs, even from my first album I’ve always been on some, socially conscience/love whatever music you know? I just wanted to write the soundtrack to the times: Where we are, where I am as a black man, just some things that I see…I’ve seen. Where we are as a country, where we are globally…Like music and songs, what we do, we can capture history, as artists, so that’s what I really try to do.” Set for release early 2010, DeVaughn’s “Love & War” is led by the socially conscious cut “Bulletproof,” followed by “A Wing and Prayer”. Citing war and life for many this decade, DeVaughn says “Bulletproof” is more like these are the problems; this is what we facing…almost like it’s a warning. Then “A Wing and a Prayer” is like okay, we know these are the problems, but I still believe in the power of prayer.” While DeVaughn is capturing history on “Love & War” he has not forgotten about the songs that made him a household name like “You,” “Love Drug,” “Woman” and “Guess Who Loves You More”. “Half of the album is on a “Bulletproof” vibe, like socially conscience, touching on different issues and half of the album is “love,” says DeVaughn. “It’s no time to be like sugarcoating nothing, like this is my rawest album yet.”


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