Ashanti Stalker Jailed After Lewd Texting

An Indiana man could be facing serious time based on allegations that he sent lewd text messages to R&B singer Ashanti’s family for weeks. According to the NY Post, Devar Hurd sent more than thirty lewd messages, in which he described pleasuring himself while thinking of the sultry singer and members of her family, including mom/manager Tina Douglas. Reportedly behind bars in lieu of paying up $50,000 in bail, sources say Devar Hurd is expected to go on trial as early as next week on misdemeanor charges of stalking and aggravated harassment. The lewd messages, which began in May, reached Ashanti’s mother on numerous occasions, describing locations where the singer or her sister were present for rehearsals and other events. After texting Douglas the words “Hey Tina baby, how u doing sexy” and “Tell Shani I’m coming straight home from work to put in sum overtime. U know how I do, LOL,” sources say Hurd sent a picture of his exposed genitals and the message “here’s a pic I had laying around for the ladies in sum of my birthday suit lol”. Sources say the texting became more graphic and frightening as time went on. At one point Hurd is said to have graphically described masturbating to a video of one of Ashanti’s concert performances.


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