Pleasure P Takes ‘High Road,’ Talks Pretty Ricky After Allegations

because I have a 5-year-old son that looks up to me, that I care about and he got to go to school and hear stuff like this. Stuff that’s not true and I take it very seriously,” Pleasure P tells Singersroom. “..If I didn’t take the high road I’ll probably end up in jail or something.” Dropping everything to get to the bottom of allegations he calls “a vicious nasty lie,” including his spot on R. Kelly’s ‘Ladies Make Some Noise Tour’, Pleasure P would not confirm just who he thinks is behind the bevy of Twitter posts but is confused, like some fans, as to why his former group (Pretty Ricky) has had much to say since the allegations first hit the net. “I can’t say that it’s them and I can’t say that it’s not them. But my litigation team is working on this night and day and we’re getting to the bottom of this. We went to Twitter and Twitter suspended the page, and they actually investigating the fake person, or person who’s not a person…It’s things called IP addresses and stuff like that that you can actually find out the person that did it,” says Pleasure P. Moving beyond the allegations and ongoing investigation, Pleasure P thanks his fans for being supportive, even with what was presented. “My fans were supportive because my fans know me and they know that’s not P. They actually questioned it first. If you actually sit there and question it, you’d ask “Why? Why now?”… there’s a lot of questions you know?” For more on Pleasure P’s exclusive interview with Singersroom click HERE.


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