Get Excited About Jeans – The New Jeans and Why You’ve Got to Have Them

We live our lives in jeans; they’re really the modern urban uniform so it’s easy for jeans to lose their luster, but this countdown of the 5 big new jean trends will make justifying (at least) one more pair much easier.

Distressed: Frayed, worn, patched and ripped in the knee jeans have never been more current thanks in part to Current/Elliot, the denim line that put Rihanna into ripped shorts last summer. You can buy them or make them yourself. Take an old pair of dark denim, bunch them up in area and pour bleach on them. Cut areas that you want to rip and pick the fibers apart. Throw them in the washer twice and there you have it! Pair these dressed down bottoms with a polished boyfriend blazer to balance the look.

Polished: The exact opposite of the above, these jeans are more or less a trouser done in denim. Sleek bias-cut styles have a slimming effect, especially in indigo. They’re extremely flattering to all body types and can usually be worn to work paired with a cardigan or blazer if your office is casual.

Rock ‘N Roll: You don’t have to be a Metallica fan to rock rock jeans. This season denim designers put out styles embellished with studs, chains and zippers and in all patterns and fabrics like zebra, faux leather and even snakeskin. Don’t go overboard with the rock theme by pairing with a vintage band T. That can end up looking costumey.

Acid Wash: No one predicted that this 1980’s staple would come back into fashion, but of course it’s Wham all over again. This trend is going to pass as quickly as it got here so don’t make a huge investment. Also pair with solid tops and stay away from neon unless your name is Kanye West.

Skinny: For once and for all, skinny jeans are not just for skinny people. Skinny refers to the cut of the jean and not the type of body that should go in them. No matter what size you are, the perfect fit is the same. Skinny jeans should lay flat against the tummy, have the right amount of stretch and just enough give at the knee with no sagging. —— By: Cynthia G. Caban


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