Cri$tyle, Austin Inspire Youth Through America Scores

Noted songwriters Cri$tyle and Johnta Austin have teamed up to aid youth in this year’s ASCAP Residency @ America Scores program. Noted for creating hits like Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” and Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You,” the duo is due to spend time with a group of thirty two students at Atlanta area Carter G. Woodson Elementary School this week. Collaborating with the group of SCORES students, ages 8-11, Cri$tyle “The Ink” Johnson and Austin are glad to aid in co-writing and recording a song at Patchwerk and Icon Recording Studios. “I think this opportunity is important because it shows them the true origin of the songs they love so much. It also exposes them to opportunities behind the scenes that are important to what they see on TV, hear on the radio, or even see at concerts,” Cri$tyle expressed in a statement. “I know when I was in school, music gave me other options and later in life I’ve been able to experience so many things because of my passion for music. Writing is therapeutic and can give a child the chance to express themselves about things they may not be able to tell their parents or friends.” Each student will also learn about the importance of labeling their own creative work with the copyright symbol, year, and their name just as they would see on any published and professional creative work. “When I was young, I didn’t have anyone to inspire me creatively. It wasn’t until I was encouraged to explore my creative side that I discovered my musical talents,” says Johnta Austin. “This ASCAP/America SCORES program is so important because it shows kids what goes into making a song. So many young people are interested in being artist, but don’t really know how to write a hit song. It’s great for them to know how creative they can be.” A CD of songs created, which will be distributed to each school taking part in the programming, including educational institutions in Los Angeles and St. Louis, will also be distributed to music industry decision makers. For more information please visit


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