Rihanna Roulette Falls Short, Were Music Fans Right ?

After becoming one of the most discussed singles of the year, Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” would seem to be a shoe in for a record breaking debut. According to this week’s Billboard Hot 100 charts however, Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” might have failed to impress music fans. Leading the “Rehab” singer’s forthcoming album “Rated R,” “Russian Roulette” was deemed a wrong move or single choice by some fans last week. Calling the single “too negative,” one Singersroom community member wrote “when u r a role model, this stuff isn’t acceptable!! Booo!!”. Sentiments shared by a few others, including a controversial review from fellow recording artist Tiffany Evans, another Singersroom member wrote “This is the devil’s work at it’s best! And rihanna is a bold soldier for satan. Glad she finally reveled herself. Don’t be fooled people. We simply can not accept this type of crap!” A video for “Russian Roulette” is set for premiere in the coming weeks. While some are unenthusiastic when it comes to the single, there are a bevy of fans who applaud the song for its “emotion” and “realism”. The official release of the single, in terms of digital sales has not happened as of yet, which may result in a significant jump next week.


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