Glam’d: Dior’s Mini Baller Phone

It’s time to celebrate. The recession is all wrapped up! It obviously has to be because Dior recently introduced the Miss Dior Phone in Paris. The tech-couture phones come in three colors and are studded with Swarovski crystals. Each comes with a mini phone the size of a matchbook that’s meant to be clipped to a (presumably Dior) handbag and retails for approximately $5,000. You clearly have unlimited minutes if you’re rocking with a cell phone that expensive.

There’s even a deluxe version of the phone that’s encrusted with 640 diamonds. This one comes inside of an alligator sheath. I question the decision to include a sheath and not a brinks safe, which is the only thing that should come with a $27,000 cell phone. Yes you read correctly the deluxe Miss Dior Phone will retail for $27,000. Dior says it expects mobile phones to move upward into the luxury category the way watches and handbags already have.

Several fashion brands have introduced high end phones in the last several years including Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. —— By: Cynthia G. Caban


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