Fashion Watch: Kanye’s Fiasco in Pastelle

It seems like Kanye West is always caught up in some drama these days. Today’s breaking Kanye news is that his much hyped and (self) promoted men’s clothing line Pastelle will never be produced. He attended the 2008 American Music Awards wearing one of his creations – a blue racing jacket that said Pastelle in large yellow letters across the back. That was around the same time that he did a design internship at Louis Vuitton and designed a shoe for them.

No definitive reason is being given for the decision to scrap the brand before it was even produced. Obviously Kanye’s recent public cries for attention – chugging Henny on the red carpet, snatching the microphone from Taylor Swift at the VMAs and pulling out of his concert tour have been sited as possible reasons that the line was scrapped. The news is especially surprising given that promotional photos for the line had been produced and released.

Fashion is a finicky business and it takes a lot of money to get into, so Kanye’s bizarre behavior may have spooked his financial backers. If that’s the case, they are definitely going to miss out on a big opportunity. Something tells me that this is most likely just a PR stunt to up demand for whatever line he ends up producing. The anticipation will leave Yeezy fans (and there are tons of them) breathless for any future t-shirt, sock or shoe he does eventually come up with whether it’s called Pastelle or not. Either way, Ye, ever the showman, may be down but he is definitely not out of the fashion game.

PS…notice how he’s wearing the same raccoon tail that appeared all over the recent Louis Vuitton fashion show. —— By: Cynthia G. Caban


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