Verse Simmonds Credits Kelly, Gaye Before Round

Verse Simmonds may be best known for the summer anthem “Buy You A Round,” but the caribbean bachelor knows his music and recognizes those who came before him, especially R. Kelly, Marvin Gaye and the Notorious B.I.G. Speaking with Singersroom, Simmons notably credits R. Kelly for recognizing and making popular, the concept of meshing Hip Hop, R&B and love. “I think people want to party, almost, to the same music they make love to,” says Simmonds. “He is one of the pioneers (R. Kelly) in the music industry who kind of saw that and was able to create the type of music that not only people could party to but make love to.” But of course, Simmons wants to create his own lane and he, like Marvin Gaye, is not afraid to speak the truth by any means necessary. “I want to say things that people normally wouldn’t say and that people can relate to. I feel like, especially in the music industry we have now, people are so concerned about making hits or following the trend that’s out at the time,” says Simmons. “I just want to break the mold and create something that people really love. So yes, If I could reach that type of status as an artist where people can listen to me and understand what I’m saying and still be different and not the same ol’, same ol’, that’s the way I’m trying to go.” For more on Verse Simmonds, click HERE.


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