Rihanna ‘Over Compensating’ With Skin Baring Outfits ?

Rihanna has been viewed as a fashionista and perhaps icon over the last year. According to an expert however, Rihanna’s recent skin baring outfits are compensating for inner pain and control. “She’s sending a message that she’s the one in control now, and she’s on the right path, but by being so provocative, she’s over-compensating,” Melbourne psychologist Sarah Calleja tells the Daily Telegraph. “After a trauma people either go into victim mode, where they suffer for a long time, or they thrive.” Citing trauma from being attacked by Chris Brown in February and subsequent worldwide attention, sources say Rihanna’s sexy attire links to one thing — control. Donning sheer, pasties, and breast bearing tops over the last few months, including the above outfit worn during the Milan hosted Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Week, sources say Rihanna is trying to establish the fact that she, and not Chris Brown, is control. Calling it “quite deliberate,” the Daily Telegraph gives brevity to the fact that Rihanna has raised eyebrows in recent weeks and shows no sign of slowing down. Earlier this month, sources claiming to be close to Jay-Z said he was concerned with the “Rehab” singer’s new attitude and partying habits. “Lately Jay has been worried for Rihanna as she has been doing a lot of partying and not so much working! Jay is scared Rihanna is losing her professional edge and so has decided to hire a bodyguard for Rihanna to try to keep her partying in check,” Posh 24 reported. In related news, Rihanna was spotted in Germany at a photo session for the forthcoming follow up to “Good Girl Gone Bad”. The album is at this time untitled but, has made headlines in recent weeks with both Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake confirming contributions. Rihanna is also due to hit the studio with Tricky Stewart (“Umbrella”).


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