Top Five Fashion Apps for iPhone

I’ve decided to share what I deem to be the five best apps for iPhone. I love my iPhone it’s my personal entertainment center on the go that also does things to organize my fashion life.

1. Shop Style is my favorite because it gives you one touch access to thousands of handbags, purses, shoes and clothes perfectly categorized for the browsing. It’s like all the best stuff from Neiman, Saks and a bunch of other great stores without the hard sell from sales people. Shop Style is a looky-loo app and I’m on it almost as much as Facebook – that’s a lot. For some reason I’m hard wired to shop. It’s entertainment for me even if I’m not going to purchase; I have to know what’s out there. This app makes constant shopping possible.

2. Coathanger is slick. This app is like fashion Facebook (that’s actually helpful). You upload images of your clothes and get feedback from your friends and other users on how the outfit looks or what pieces to put with an item to create a great outfit. A note of caution this only works if your friends are into fashion.

3. Lucky at Your Service is great for shopping the latest fashions in the market that have that unmistakable Lucky look to them. I describe the look as edgy downtown New Yorker meets cool Parisian barista. The app updates frequently refreshing looks about every week. It will also locate items for you that the concierge can put on hold for you. It’s nice because sometimes you want to go to a store and experience purchasing and bringing something home not just clicking on a website. It’s nice also to feel like you have a personal shopper in your purse.

4. Net-a-porter has been around for years on the web and has always been a resource for high end fashion. The app just makes it possible for you to buy the new Matthew Williamson while you’re waiting to see the dentist. That’s a pick-me-up option that I’m just glad to have.

5. Ebay obviously is the marketplace for the best of stuff and the worst of stuff. From a fashion perspective you can get great deals on current and vintage/gently used items and pieces that you can’t find in stores anymore but you still have to have.
—— By: Cynthia G. Caban


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