Jackson Autopsy Reveals Scaring But No Illegal Drugs

An official autopsy conducted on Michael Jackson has turned up with more information about scarring than illegal drug use, as believed. Released late Thursday, the autopsy says Jackson had multiple scars on his body and depigmentation. “He had a 3/4-inch scar behind his left ear and another apparent scar behind his right ear. He had a scar beside each of his nostrils and another, 4-inch scar on his right shoulder. He had a pair of additional scars about 3-inches long at the base of his neck and smaller scars on his arms and wrist. He also had a small scar near his navel and a 2-inch scar on the right-hand side of his abdomen,” the AP reports. “The coroner found depigmentation of his skin around his chest, abdomen, face and arms.” Other than scaring and depigmentation, the latter of which gives brevity to claims that Jackson suffered from vitiligo, Jackson had a relatively clean bill of health. While the report did not show any use of illegal drugs, it has revealed that Jackson’s lungs were chronically inflamed and likely left him short of breath. Jackson died in June. A film showcasing rehearsals and other footage related to a planned concert series at London’s O2 Arena will premiere October 27 in select theaters.


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