Fergie Covers Up For Successful Malaysian Concert

Just weeks before Beyonce takes the stage in Malaysia, fellow chart-toppers Fergie and The Black Eyed Peas have pulled off a successful concert despite pressure from local groups. “I’m so thrilled. All the times that we came to Malaysia you know everyone was able to come to the show. When we go to Dubai, when we go to Philippines, it’s Muslims, Christians, everyone,” Will.I.Am offered at a press conference. According to AFP, a ban had been placed on locals, preventing nearly 60 percent of the population from attending the concert but had been lifted by the government after public outcry. “Sponsored by the Guinness brewery, (the concert) was initally restricted to non-Muslims, barring the 60 percent of Malaysia’s population who are Muslim Malays. But after an outcry the government dropped the ban and said anyone aged over 18 could attend, although alcohol sales at Friday’s concert were restricted to areas which signs said were off-limits to Muslims,” reports AFP. While the group’s concert was a success, Fergie was forced to dress conservatively. “I have had to change my costume for tonight’s show but I mean the woman’s silhouette is still there, whether it’s clothes or not, whether you see skin or you don’t, you still know the woman’s body,” Fergie offered in a statement. Sources at the concert say Fergie opted for a t-shirt and jeans, far from what she normally wears on stage. As previously reported, Beyonce is also due to perform in Malaysia October 25 but, is facing opposition from the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party. Issuing a statement last week, PMIP called for the cancellation of the “I Am… Sasha Fierce” singer’s concert. “We oppose the holding of such concerts and we will take action to prevent it,’ said a spokesman for the PMIP (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party). According to the group’s statement, Beyonce’s dress and onstage antics are not acceptable to Muslims. “Her skimpy attire and behaviour onstage are immoral and lead to unclean behaviour,” said the group. Despite opposition, Beyonce will proceed with plans, as had the Black Eyed Peas, to perform in the region.


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