Tameka Opens Up In Upscale: I Will Always Love Usher

Tameka Foster Raymond, the soon-to-be ex wife of R&B singer Usher has finally come forward to speak on their impending divorce. Sitting down with Upscale’s Editor-at-Large Isoul H. Harris at her design and styling company headquarters, Foster-Raymond admits that she is still in love with the “Confessions” and “Love In This Club” singer. Contrary to popular belief, Foster-Raymond was surprised over the divorce filing but has come to accept the fact that the marriage failed. “The dissolution of marriage is always upsetting. You have the expectation that it will work. But, you know what? it didn’t work,” she tells Harris, in the October issue of Upscale. “But he’s (Usher) a great guy. I will always love him,” Foster Raymond goes on to say. Beyond the divorce however, Foster-Raymond is most poignant when speaking of the world’s fascination over her relationship with Usher. “I understand where all the negativity comes from”, she says. “Unfortunately I think that some black women are – subconsciously – not in love with the image they see in the mirror. Therefore in turn they do not love someone like me. I look too much like them. They would definitely have preferred my husband marry someone more exotic looking. I was not given a fair shot. People passed judgment without getting to know me. How can you get the entire concept of who I am from a blog?” For more of Tameka’s story pick up the latest issue of Upscale on newsstands this week.


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